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About us

Amusology is engineering a new kind of hifi.


Enhances any home stereo

Our system plugs into any home system with an analog or digital input. It enhances your experience via an app for either Android or Apple that unshackles you from the tyranny of hifi manufacturers who think they know better than you and better than any streaming music service.

Our app doesn't limit you to a few dozen streaming music apps built in. Nor does it "re-arrange" the way your favorite streaming music app does things. We believe that you shoud have the freedom to use any streaming app via the user interface they created. You should be able to enjoy all the features of the original app.

Unshackle your phone or tablet

While we think you'll find our app a great experience, you can put your phone or tablet away once the music is playing. It isn't needed while you listen. So, if you decide to use it to play a game or, ahem, use your phone as a phone, that's ok, the music continues to play.

One room or multi-room

Our streaming music player is perfect for a single room system, but it can be used with any multi-room system such as Sonos or Bose. Of course, if you don't own a multi-room system, we'd like you to build yours with our open source system. That means you can buy from other compatible brands, not just us. We believe in open source and free competition.

Our App
Teaser images from the app we are building now.


Starting up our iPad app

We are working on both Android and Apple apps, both will be free on their respective app stores. However, the app won't work on it's own. It requires that you purchase and install one of our streaming music players. The streaming music player is connected to both your home wifi (at setup, you enter your wifi network password); and your hifi/stereo system (via analog or optical cables included with it). Like any iPad app, you touch our icon to open the app.

iPad app icon for Amusology

Pick from over 450 Streaming Music Apps

Yes, we support all the apps that Sonos, Bose or Samsung do in their music players. So you'll have old favorites like Pandora and Spotify. But in addition, you'll be able to add from hundreds of streaming music services that aren't available on other music players. You can explore apps that curate specific interests you have, or new services that haven't been integrated to other brands, because the process of integrating apps into ours doesn't require any engineering on the part of the original app creators or of our own engineers. The world of streaming music awaits you, with the Amusology app.

Click on the plus sign to add an app you don't yet have. Once the new app is installed, touch it's icon to launch it inside our app.

Over 250 Podcast Apps

If you've only used iTunes for your podcasts you've missed out on a lot of content, creativity and convenience. Some podcast apps act as curators, others as content enrichers. Others allow you to support your favorite podcasters financially. We are especially fond of podcast apps that make it much easier to discover podcasts created in other countries. Any new podcast app is made available to you in a few hours of release.


Over 250 Audio Book Apps

Of course we supply the big ones, Audible, Kindle and Barnes and Noble, but we also offer hundreds of special interest audio book apps, ranging from specific authors, series or themes to foreign languages.


The native app is framed within our app.

We show the entire native app, without changing a thing. We don't dumb it down, we don't restrict it. If you are not a paid subscriber you can use the ad supported version, because you'll see the ads!

All the features of the original app

If you've griped before about all the missing features of Spotify inside your Sonos or Bose app, you'll love this. Inside our app, you can access all the discovery features of Spotify or any streaming music app. We hope that makes you smile.


Meet the grumps!

One of the advantages of a team of curmudgeons is the experience we bring to product development. This team has cumulatively led development of luxury audio products that have grossed more than two billion dollars in sales over the past twenty years. We are brainstormers famous for imagination in our industry. Yes we are grumps, but we love to do something about what makes us grumpy.

Eric Johnson - founder of Amusology

Eric Johnson

Founder and Chief Grump

Eric Johnson has more than twenty years of experience as a leader, evangelist and senior executive for consumer electronic manufacturers. Prior to starting Amusology, Eric was the VP of Technology for Universal Remote Control (URC). At URC he successfully strategized and deployed a long term plan to dominate the control market and diversify beyond control, to become a complete solution for whole house entertainment and automation. In that role and in many previous roles, Eric found outside resources (engineering and manufacturing) to diversify the brand line ups. He is an expert at managing and bringing to market products that require multiple outside entities to work in unison. Throughout his career he has always acted as each company’s chief evangelist internally and around the world. In brainstorming sessions, Eric is famous for saying "What if we could..." See Eric’s full resume on linked in here:

Eric Johnson's linkedin Profile

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